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We are on a mission.

VIP Pageantry is a NEW multi-media entertainment platform dedicated to supporting the positive pageantry at the highest levels, creating connections with tens of thousands of young women, beauty contestants, and industry leaders. With an intention to entertain billions, compassion, character, and strength are our core mission.  We believe that we can provide quality content geared toward countless hours of fun and happiness, all while promoting, beauty, body positivity, health, and wellness, education, commitment to community,  and overall all confidence to our next generation of female leaders.  

VIP Pageantry Advertising Sales connects this commitment to the world, offering limitless possibilities and solutions, supporting an 8 billion dollar pageantry industry comprised of scholarship based competition and boundless sisterhood.

We invite you to be a part of the movement,
to support an effort to change the minds of America and beyond, to saturate mainstream entertainment with a positive perspective and respect for the countless hours these contestant's commit to advocacy and education. You can support our effort while marketing your product or service, with a laser focus on the

F12-24 and F25-64 demographics respectfully, benefiting the latest digital strategies and technology which power our App, Interactive Digital Magazine, TV Network, Social Media Brands, and more.

For more information on how to partner and advertise with VIP Pageantry Advertising Sales, please contact us at

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