America's United States Pageant…Crowns and Opportunities

Each year, thousands of young girls and women compete in pageants. August 11-13, 2022 at Stanly County Agri-Civic Center in Albemarle NC, the America's United States National Pageant will proudly crown seven young ladies and women ages 12 and Up in the divisions of

Jr Miss, Teen, Miss, Ms., Mrs., Ms Elite, and Curvy Ms. The America's United States National Pageant provides them with the opportunity to use the one-of-a-kind AUS Pearls of Wisdom Crown to make a difference in their communities. AUS offers an affordable entry fee on both the state and national levels and the system emphasizes skill-building, poise, and personal growth of all its contestants.

Delegates who become part of the America's United States Pageant gain confidence and poise in an increasingly competitive world. The pageant gives each candidate the opportunity to grow and advance her personal dreams and volunteer goals, while acting as a role model in her community.

To compete for their respective titles, delegates must interview with the judges and model an evening gown while answering an onstage question. Our Jr Miss competes in fun fashion wear; Teens compete in fitness/athletic wear; Miss have the choice of fitness/athletic wear OR swimsuit; all other divisions have the choice the fitness/athletic wear OR resort wear. Pageants have been giving more options than just swimwear over the last few years, and it is something we at AUS agree with, noted creator and CEO Tava Cook. "We opted to offer the option of resort wear to delegates ages 30 and up because it offers a variety of clothing choices and also allows the women to capture the feeling of being on holiday."

The National Pageant offers winners of a cash prize along with an amazing package that includes NYFW modeling opportunities.

The staff at America's United States believes in creating "crowns with opportunities" and encouraging their titleholders to be positive forces in their communities and across the United States. The AUS Crown, also known as the Pearls of Wisdom, has become a symbol of the principles each queen should stand for:

1) Be Passionate about giving back

2) Be Personable as a Queen

3) Be Positive as a Role Model

4) Be Pivotal to your Sister Queens' Success

5) Be Powerful in helping AUS grow.

To magnify the impact that the America's United States pageant has on community involvement, part of the proceeds from the annual event also benefit veterans and children through our "One Seed, Plants Roots" initiative.

Potential delegates who would like to compete at the National Pageant this August or for their future State Tile, should contact us at or visit the pageant's website at and use the apply now or contact us tabs.