Miss Grand United States of America had an incredible presentation launching worldwide attention.

By Holly Lynch and Laylah Loizcly

Miss Grand USA graced the stage in the national costume competition as she continues to work towards earning the title of Miss Grand International 2020.

Evelyn Abena Appiah is the reigning Miss Grand United States 2020. Evelyn is a 27-year-old veteran in the pageant industry and highly adored. She also works as a professional model and actress.

Abena graduated from the Radford University in Ghana with a degree in Fashion. She holds dual nationality/citizenship in both Ghana and the United States.

This morning in Bangkok Thailand, Evelyn Abena graced the stage with a stunning hand-painted, hand-beaded dress by up-and-coming young designer Mark Lixcel from the Philippines. "I'm just a simple sewer from the Philippines he said, I'm not even known in our street, but Abena trust me so I'm doing my best." He was super cautious in his reply to our intrigue about the dress because he knew it may be found to be controversial, his reply was "but that's what Abena wants, to make a statement and to voice out".

The presentation started out with a node to the Black Lives Matter movement, with a firm fist, high in the air. Her elegant walk took us on a journey, giving us a glimpse of the hand-crafted portraits, the familiar faces that resonated in the hearts of so many. Taking a moment in time, grabbing hearts from around the world, this brilliant woman also pays tribute to the country that lifts her up and stands behind her! She reveals a majestic, soft but glamorous, hand-painted gown that brims with the most brilliant red, white and blue colors. Right then before walking off stage...she raises her fist once more, powerful and empowering!

We hear you.

Bravo Miss Abena….Bravo!

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