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Susie Evans, Miss Virginia USA 2020 finds love on ABC's The Bachelor

After an incredibly dramatic season of The Bachelor, Miss Virginia USA 2020, Susie Evans ends up with Clayton Echard after all.

If you are not a fan of the show, we get it. But if you know... You know. This season of the bachelor was "Over The Top". Even some of the most devoted bachelor fans have said that the drama this season had gone too far. But at the end of the day... A queen stood tall.

After who knows how many grueling weeks of dating the same guy as 30 other women, Susie Evans received one of the final three roses and was in the running to be chosen as Clayton's fiance. But Susie's final date turned out to be the most honest and respectful episodes of the season. After learning that Clayton had been intimate with the other two girls in the fantasy dates just days before, Susie decided to leave the show. From her perspective she couldn't understand how someone who loved her so much could also be in love with other women. The fantasy date turned into a nightmare, as Clayton, out of desperation, coldly sent Susie on her way.

Yet Clayton could not overcome his feelings for Susie. He sent the other two women home knowing that his heart belonged with her. In the final episode of The Bachelor, Clayton invited Susie back while still in Iceland and offered her the final rose. She declined, stating that she felt as though their relationship was over.

In a cliffhanger reveal at the end of the episode live from Bachelor's studios, the shows new host, Jesse Palmer, invited a mystery woman to the stage who Clayton reconnected with after the show had stopped filming. That is when Susie came on stage and declared that she and Clayton were officially dating again.

Bachelor nation has mixed reviews on this rekindling romance. Yet, after watching Susie's Instagram posts over the last couple of days, it's easy to see that their feelings for one another are strong. We salute Susie for standing up for herself and her personal beliefs. We wish Susie and Clayton the best of luck.

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