The Mrs. Earth Organization announces the winners of the 13th annual Mrs. Earth and Ms. Earth

The Mrs. Earth Organization®, under the ownership of Earth Entertainment and Michael Stafford, is proud to announce the winners of the 13th annual Mrs. Earth® and Ms. Earth ® competition. The 13th Annual Mrs. Earth competition was hosted by Mykhael Michaels in a first-ever virtual competition.

The contest was judged by the esteemed panel of judges Lorena Rosales - Former Mrs. Earth, Shane Sparks, So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew Fame, DR Rose Marie Solomon, Producer, Deborah Bilancione, from Orlando Housewives, and Alex Xavier of MMPA entertainment.

Mykhael Michaels, began the Mrs. Earth and Ms. Earth organization to bring awareness about conservation and how to maintain the Earth’s environment.

"It is such an honor to be at the head of an organization that is making strides to make our tomorrows better than today. I am looking forward to working with all the new titleholders this year on all their “Green” Initiatives. This was a unique experience in this year’s history-making first-ever virtual competition, and on I am looking forward to getting our work started. Together we can do amazing things. The future is green and I can’t wait until the next LIVE in-person competition as we have done for over 15 years." said Michael Stafford, CEO of the Mrs. Earth and Ms. Earth Organization®.

The one-hour Mrs. Earth / Ms. Earth® streaming virtual event featured women representing all countries from all in multiple categories, including private interview, swimsuit/fitness, evening gown and onstage question, ending with the announcement of winners Ava Tarend- Mrs. Earth 2022 (Estonia), Deanne Brink- Ms. Earth 2022 (USA), Eztelle Kay - Mrs. Earth International (Singapore), Binal Bhatt - Ms. Earth International (India).

In the weeks and months following this prestigious international event, the international queens will be making appearances at eco events, spreading awareness on how to be “Glamorously Green” and the steps the average person can take to live a green lifestyle.

2022 Mrs. Earth® and Ms. Earth® Sponsors include: Vixen Swimwear, East Cost Passion, Anderson Law Firm, UJet Air, Karma De La Mode Fashions.

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Contact: Rojen Morris