VIP Pageantry, a new multi-media company teams up with Subcat Studios (Syracuse, NY), Pageant Photographer Laura Marino and Make-up Artist Alexandra Ryan Axenfeld

Sarasota, FL – VIP: VIP Pageantry Network announced today a broadcast agreement with the Subcat Studio and the “PPG’s”. The partnership will focus on creating and producing a scripted reality Series made for VIP Pageantry’s new OTT Streaming channel and Mobil App

VIP Pageantry, founded by Laylah Loiczly (Sarasota, Florida) and Holly Lynch (Verona, NY), was developed to bring the Pageant Industry back to Main Stream media by focusing on the Positive Pageantry, Body Positivity, Community Service and Educational aspects. This is a compelling difference between what Natural and/or Scholarship Pageantry is in comparison to the infamous Glitz and Glamour pageants, seen on other networks and reality TV shows. Every show on the Network will have a common vein, supporting pageant delegates. “Each show will either feature a pageant contestant/queen or will focus on something of interest to pageant delegates,” stated Laylah Loiczly.

The first episode of the PPGs that will be available on the network will be released on Monday, January 25th at 7pm.

The PPGs will join the ranks of other programs that have already found their homes on VIP Pageantry TV including the pre-recorded Live broadcasts of the Miss, Mrs., Elite & Teen Miss Earth USA Pageants, The Crown Table, Shop VIP with Wende Russo (Working Title) and more. Most of these shows where release with the Networks launch on January 17th, 2021.

In addition, the network has ordered three new series to development, TBA at a later date.

“VIP’s mission to inspire and entertain, while empowering young women to be proud of their choice to compete in pageants,” said Holly Lynch. “We are so excited to make a home for the Pageant industry, to bring pride and honor to these competitors and help them bridge the gap, helping them find their way and accomplish their dreams, especially if they dream of a career in the entertainment industry”.

“Pageantry provides an exceptional outlet for leadership and advocacy,” says Miss Earth USA National Director Laura Clark. “This special edition of our national pageant will safely celebrate the strength and diversity of women on an international platform. We are beauty for a cause.”


VIP Pageantry has developed a new strategy for distributing programing, they are calling it Micro-Programing. The company credits the success of YouTube programming, and claims that it has taught us the we no longer need to make our programming 22 minutes or longer. As a matter of fact, the overwhelmingly popular video formats you see in our social media has made shorter length entertainment not only more appealing to young viewers, but has become the norm. VIP hopes to build success off of their 10-minute Micro Programming format and hopes “The PPGs” will be the first of it’s kind to ride the wave of this entertainment revolution.


“The PPG’s" is unlike any other unscripted show on TV! Follow the journey of VIP Pageant Photographer, Laura Marino and her trusty MUA Alexandra, as they go where no photographer has gone before.

The First Episode of The PPGs features an epic attempt to shoot Miss Earth USA, Lindsey Coffey, through a sheet of glass.

“We really love this show, it gives us all the warm and fuzzies. Laura’s silly behavior coupled with Alex’s dry comedy really offers viewers a fun twist to photography the viewers. Yet thru this comical lens, majestic photos are captured.”

About the Shows on VIP Pageantry

“The Crown Table” (working title), is a light-hearted TV talk show offering the viewer the opportunity to get a glimpse of the true personality of the VIP Pageant guests! Who will spill the Royal Tea in an exclusive interview with your hosts Laylah Rose and Stayc Simpson. From little games, to serious topics and everything in between, you won't want to miss this empowering and uplifting view of your QUEENS behind their crowns. ONLY on The Crown Table and ONLY on VIP.

“VIP Shopping with Wendi” (Working Title). Join host, Wendi Russo, for a shopping excursion from the comfort of your own home. Like other home shopping shows, Wendi will offer up important information about the products you just cannot wait to get your hands on. Find amazing products, answering the needs of the pageant world, including beauty supplies, pageant accessories, interview dresses, earrings, limited editions, fan favorites and more. Viewers will be given direct links to order products while the show airs.


VIP Pageantry is the first and only network dedicated to the Pageantry Industry and the amazing young women who make it possible. Learn more by visiting