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Do you have Pageant news, stories, or updates you want to share with the National and International Pageant Community? 

SUBMIT your article to VIP Pageantry Magazine Today!

How to Submit Your Story

If this is your first time visiting us...WELCOME!  VIP Pageantry Magazine is a pageant-centric quarterly magazine covering stories, news, and updates concerning beauty, fashion, and the national and international pageant scene. Total circulation is about 2k+; total readership to date is more than 10,000 and growing.

Get to know our publication by reading it. Some stories are archived on our website. 

What We Want

We are interested in timely stories about current issues, pageant personalities, pageant business, special events, health and beauty, Home and Holiday, advocacy, pageant results, culture, history, food, shopping, music and nightlife, recreation, and the environment. We are particularly looking for writers who can deliver brightly written, well-researched service stories but are also interested in in-depth narrative features (from profiles to investigative stories). Submissions should try to be stories of 800 words or less; if your query leads to an assignment, we’ll specify what length we’re looking for.

To submit a story or an article, please follow this link and complete all information requested.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at

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